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He though to himself. Could it be true? Perhaps the villagers had been right.

                                     *                                      *                                     *

Once inside, Rajlakshmi could see them no where. She wondered what had happened to them. In the abject silence of the place, she could hear a set of boots clashing against the grass.

Until at last she heard a scream.

                                   *                                          *                                     *

The doorbell rang. They both looked at each other, strangely an emotion of relief fell through on both sides.

“I will attend to it,” he spoke and quietly rose from the table.

He briskly walked towards the entrance and swung open the door.

For a few moments he felt dizzy. How could it be possible? He thought. It was fifteen years ago all over again. Similar height, similar eyes and the same over confidence aroma in the personality. He could not believe it.

“Azhar,” he heard his wife speak from behind.

And the young man, bruised all over, managed to nod and smile.

                                  *                                          *                                     *

It was of course Rajlakshmi who first broke the ice. Her husband seemed to be in some far away land ever since Azhar had arrived.

Could you blame him? She thought. The first time she had seen him in the garden speaking to her daughter, she felt a strange feeling of numbness take over her too.

Same looks, same smile and same hint of arrogance in the personality.

It is not his influence that bothers me so much as much as your reasons to be with him.

“Will you take us through it?” she asked softly.

                                 *                                          *                                     *

Azhar watched the two of them. They looked so sad to him. She was no where in sight, Devyani. He sensed she was taken away to her room or some place else. Of course after what had happened, they would also be seeking treatment for her.
How strange it all seemed? He thought. She is very strange, he had told his sister in all seriousness.
“In one quick movement she attacked me. She was mumbling something all along. I could not make much of it. And then the guards came, they also took five minutes to back her off. Before I could regain my stead and find her, she had left,” he replied in one single breath.

They exchanged a dark look.

“Can you run us through your conversation perhaps?” her father spoke, supporting a weak smile by now.

He felt sorry for them, really. To sustain all of this, takes courage. And now watching them sit together in peace, looking largely not flustered, he was very impressed.

“I remember my last word was ‘sugar’. Only couple of minutes later she jumped upon me,” he replied, sipping water off the glass on the side.

They suddenly looked scared.

                                 *                                          *                                     *

He watched the man on the ground. Covered with cuts and blood. And the grass on which he lay itself camouflaged to suit his present state. 

In the streaming moonlight he saw her. Her hair flying with the wind. She was holding a long iron rod in her hand. It seemed much longer when compared how small her hands really were.

And then in a sudden twist the body on the ground gasped. It violently shook, perhaps he was in shock and had not completely died.

She screamed this time but without wasting another minute began to hit him again. And did not wait until she ensured he had died.

                                 *                                          *                                     *

The police officer looked terrified. He had seen Saraswat grip the gun in his pocket. But then he could not allow him to use power to manipulate the case. He sat in perfect silence.

Until a time came when Saraswat began to cry. His grip on the barrel loosened.

In between silent tears, he spoke, “officer, it is my daughter who killed him.”

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