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His lifeless body lying in a puddle of blood.

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Devyani was sweating when her mother finally reached the room. She was also wide awake.

The two women looked at each other and said nothing. Not because it was awkward or there was nothing they could do. But because they had run out of words by now. It was almost a regular affair now and whatever questions, answers or reactions they could contain had all emptied out in many such nights of the years gone by.

“Water?” her mother softly offered.

Devyani nodded and took a sip.

“Will this ever get fine?” she spoke haltingly.

Her mother only quietly replied, “good night.”

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“Strands of hair were found clutched in his hand,” the inspector had spoken in his rather crisp voice.

Rajlakshmi recalled the events of that night. It was a rather cold night for even the worst of winters. At first they thought it was an animal act. The sheer blood everywhere and the cuts all over gave little evidence of a human involvement.

Of course Devyani was worst affected. It was she who had found the body.

“Strands of hair? You mean it is a clue?” and amongst all this was her husband, ever so practical and on the job kind.

But it did not take them far at all. A strand of hair was just the start and finally the end too. For quite sometime the police did rounds of the village, went about asking questions but in the end very little could be known.

The theory of an animal attack was obviously cancelled when they found the murder weapon. A sharp end of the iron rod. It was thrown metres away from the dead body. There was blood everywhere on the grass. It seemed the murderer had sat there for a while before finally walking into the wilderness.

“But why did they not follow the trail and find out something more?” Devyani often asked.

“They did. But there was nothing more beyond the trail. It opened on to the wide road in the east and that’s where the footsteps finished,”  Rajlakshmi duly explained.

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