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“Why did you come back? Had we not decided your work was done long back that night? You remember you killed him with the iron rod. It is now over,” the doctor continued in a bland voice.

“But he returned today,” Devyani continued to speak in that strange tone.

“He cannot return. He has died. You are mistaken,” the doctor spoke, firming his voice.

“He came back inside that Azhar’s body. The man Devyani loves,” she continued, etching an expression of disgust on her face.

“You are Devyani,” the doctor raised his voice slightly.

“No I am not. And you know that. I am Megha,” she replied with a hint of smile.

“There is no Megha. See this passport. This is your photo and the name here is Devyani,” the doctor extracted a small booklet.

“I had to come out. He was calling her ‘sugar’ again. Next he would touch her inappropriately. He would touch us inappropriately. Devyani would never do anything, she would continue to suffer. Someone needs to react. I had to come back to kill him again,” her voice had reached a crescendo.

“You will now return back. Your work is over. Devyani is fine, you are fine. No one will hurt you both,” and with that the doctor clicked his fingers and Devyani went back to sleep.

                                                  *                              *                                    *

At first they tried to hide the facts. They thought she had committed the murder is a wild rage and perhaps being a child she was dismissing memories. But then the pattern became stronger. She would have bad nightmares and each time she would demand to know who killed the man.

It continued for almost two years and slowly Saraswat started to see a pattern. Her sudden mood swings, her out of the blue rage followed by a huge phase of mellow. Something started to tick him off.

He decided to move to Mumbai to help clear out things from all of their minds.

                                    *                                           *                                                 *

But that didn’t happen. Rajlakshmi spent nights away trying to pacify her daughter. When her husband suggested taking medical help, she cringed. Somehow the guilt of turning her daughter into a murderer was less than that of making a patient out of her.

They had no choice though.

                                   *                                           *                                                 *

“Multiple personality disorder,” the doctor spoke in a low voice. His hypnotic tone was albeit diluted now.
“It cannot be cured overnight. We have been working on Devyani for years now. Of course something Azhar said or did has taken us back in our progress now,” he continued, sipping his coffee on the side.
“But doctor, we have been protecting her from everything,” a harrowed Rajlakshmi spoke.
“I understand ma’am but this is the curse of such disorders they are very random and unfortunately efforts have nothing to do with success here. Megha is Devyani’s deep seated angered personality. Her yang of yin. And it still feels wronged by what had happened. Give us more time, we are getting there,” he continued, this time smiling reassuringly. 
                                   *                                           *                                                 *
 Rajlakshmi picked up the photograph from the closet. The smile was still there. The sparkle in the eyes as well. 
She stared at it until tears welled in her eyes. She could never forgive herself over what she made her daughter suffer. Of course she had no idea about it at that time. But it was because of her,that the man exploited her child.
She kept back the photograph in file. 
She thought every time the burden of her past lessens she can always come visiting the man’s face. Forgiveness should not come soon to her mind.
“Ma, I don’t want to go to college today,” she heard her daughter’s soft voice in the background.
Rajlakshmi stared outside. It was a strange winter day with no sun or warmth. She closed her eyes, she saw him again this time. 
His lifeless body lying in a puddle of blood.
The End

                                *                                          *                                        *

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