Dear Pune,

This one has no emotion involved. Pure logic and arithmetic, I swear. And you cannot even blame me over regionalism because these are simple facts, no ‘perspective’ (as many have been accusing me) whatsoever.

Let us state three different facts first for comparison basis.

Rent rate for a 3BHK in arguably the poshest locality of the area

In Lucknow- 14000 rupees/ month
In Gurgaon- 33000 rupees/month
In Pune or Chinchwad- 16000 rupees/month

So by the above statistics it looks like over all expenditure while moving to Gurgaon from Lucknow will change massively but to Pune will remain more or less same. Logical? Yes. Happening? No.

What does the average cost of getting your clothes iron cost in Lucknow? 2.5 rupees a piece. In Gurgaon? 2.5 rupees a piece, Voila! And in our dear Pune? SIX RUPEES A PIECE!!

Picture this scenario, maid walks in. Starts talking how much she will work. Yes not charge but only how much falls under her monthly MPA. Quotes a price. You can only stare at her first but then okay, you move on.

“You cook?” you politely ask.

Yes, she replies. “Fifteen hundred a month for two people one time.” she continues.

You exchange looks with your husband silently telling him he will have to continue eating the bad food cooked by his wife.

“Sabzi, roti, daal chawal?” husband ignores and instead puts up another heartbreaking question.

“No, No. Only sabzi roti. No daal or chawal. For daal extra charge, for chawal extra. And I will only cook dal tadka you put yourself,” she replies.

*stunned silence*

Moving on what is the cost of vegetables here? Please to ask.

One kg of peas is worth one hundred and twenty rupees! Yes. You heard me right. Poor husband went out shopping and came back without buying anything out of sheer shock.

And about autodrivers in Pune, please note a separate post will be dedicated to the Rajnikanths of the city. Craziness has new levels there.

So dear Pune, once again have you gone ahead and created your own exchange rate of currency? Mr. Rajan may need some help to control eh?

with not so much money,

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