Dear Pune,

Yes you heard it I am a north Indian. Loud, crass not a huge stickler for rules and someone always wanting to talk her way through. The stereotypical Punjabi, Bihari and UPite. 
When cornered in the fashion that you have made me feel, my inner most identities started to get challenged. And inside me burst open a need to re-discover the northern element of being.
Let me take you through it again. Things you don’t enjoy in us but well we must ask you to bear.
We are not a big fan of rules. If your line is broken, count it to be us.
We look for shortcuts, mostly where a lot of talking may be involved and zero action. We always succeed.
We love our whiskeys large and our women loud and crass. Hence this writer is often the epitome of one at least.
We are interfering people. We thrive on gossip. And guess what, it is often because we like to get involved. And when you snub us is in elevators and other awkward situations, we feel very weird. Why you no want to smile at us?
Oh speaking of smile, we smile a lot. We crack way too many jokes and yes many are below the belt. We are known for santa banta jokes too, remember? 
We all speak Hindi. And *surprise* we understand enough of marathi to get the essence. Your roots are all hindi, feeling ashamed? Well we feel more ashamed when we hear you making fun of us.
I have gone to almost all corners of the country. And language problem has not been a first here. But what has been a problem is the need to communicate. I was in Ladakh and we passed our ways through streets with people merrily greeting us “Julie, Julie” and a surprised us warmly sending the same wishes. So it isn’t the language which makes me awkward it is your attitude in general.
The moment you hear us say, “Bhaiya,” you quickly remove our officer class air and substitute us to be majdoors.
Why no other state has “Jai Punjab, Jai West Bengal, Jai Bihar” but almost every single car with MH12 or MH14 has loud and clear “Jai Maharashtra”. Tell me honestly do you remember that there is a jan gana mana and no marathi abhiman geet as our national song?
Another aspect about being a north Indian is that we readily accept to whoever wishes to point out that yes there are issues with our region. I was the first one to have pointed out to my marathi friend who joined Lucknow that the place is not that safe for women. In fact most of the times we ourselves sit and criticise north for a ton of things. When it comes to you the case is different. Not only do you turn a blind ear but also step up the assault at times.
Jai Hind.
With some hope to change you now,
North India.
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