Dear Pune,
It was love at first sight. Yes one night, two friends and the cool September breeze got me inducted into your charm last year. I left you with only one thought, this will one day be my final resting place. 
As luck would have it, it is turning out to be just that. Only a lot earlier 😐 
The flight which took me via delhi to wild wild west! 
Today being 1st of May and also Maharshtra Day, I complete a full on fifteen days stay with you. And so far it has been horrible, to say the least. 
In fact quite a few times my rants on twitter have been more or less about you.
@richa_singh  Apr 27
Dear Pune, Pimpri, Chinchwad,

Whatever you need I will give, please for Gods sake be nice to me. 

not even love,

Dear Pune,

Another bit, way you treat non-marathi I am sorry ‘UP/Bihari’ dont do the same.I say we need a Raj T more.

with no love,

I know I may have judged you by harsher standards, by extreme bouts of nostalgia or perhaps my own idea of regionalism. But well as much as it pains me to say it, you have treated me by nothing less as well. 
Tomorrow is another day, another bright sunshine floods our paths again, perhaps I will come back with notes of goodwill. Today it is only going to be this, a handshake and a gentle man’s woman’s promise to deal you a fair hand.
Until next time we chat and moments of glory recede.
Not so much love,
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