Yesterday was a different day.

She had been walking down the road planning her day ahead when she suddenly stopped to remember the events of last twenty four hours. He had come down to meet her at work. They had always held a special status for each other. From work friends to part time lovers to now married to different people, there was almost nothing they didn’t know or share with one another.

He had moved cities and now countries but the string that connected them remained intact. Between phone calls and facebook messages they had found time to update each other.

She smiled to herself. The madness they had exchanged over the cups of coffee had suddenly recreated that era gone by.

“If only he had had the courage to speak to his parents about us,” a thought that haunted Shikha still. Not that she was not happy with her present life. But then somewhere the regret of not spending her life with Puneet had remained.

It was almost as if nothing had changed. She was still wanting to see him after work. Continuously checking messages for updates and of course looking for some sign in social media to indicate he was thinking of her as well.

“Why some evenings can never fade” at New Delhi railway station. His facebook status confirmed two things. He was leaving town as promised and yes still thinking of her.

* * *

Whatever it was, his life would have been different. If only he had the strength to confront his mother.
Not that Sujata had not been a great life partner all these years. But perhaps he never wanted great he wanted Shikha. Flawed, impulsive, childish and most importantly all his.
It was almost as if nothing had changed. He was still holding himself back for another day in the city only to meet her again for dinner.

* * *

It is an office party. She had no other choice but to lie to Mahesh. Meeting Puneet once was acceptable but for another evening would have meant some raised eyebrows in the house.

His message had surprised her but at the same time flown down some sweet love memories of yesteryear.

* * *

When dinner flew into drinks and drinks into stories they could never judge. But having overstepped deadlines from each spouse’s they decided to call it a night. They had almost agreed to part ways when a sudden gust of emotion engulfed them in an embrace. And then the kiss.

It was as if nothing had changed.

And just then the two phones rang. Duty beckoned them to return home.

* * *

Today the story is not complete. It isn’t the sort of thing I usually do. But some events or conversations around have led me to write this. I want to know in times of such things, is cheating a way of liberating oneself from bonds or shackles of marriage? Or perhaps only a break from boredom and nothing serious?

Should Puneet and Shikha treat this as a casual encounter or a serious surge of dormant love?

View encouraged!


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