He had created an empire out of nothing. Bricks and cements raise buildings, but businesses need passion, emotions. In his case he had done nothing but deal in people’s emotions.

Tomorrow was going to be just another day in Rehan’s life. Another milestone, another feather in the cap. But where it all stopped was the night he decided to call it quits.


He left a note on the table and next to it a photograph. And died.

* * *

It was the silence of the night that hung low in the room. Somewhere out on the road a dog was barking. It was without a lot of bite though. He had probably thrown in the towel and these present few moments were his last show of fight.
And all this was being heard close enough on the first floor, where this room was, by a man who had managed to find sleep only an hour back. And truth be told, sleep was not plenty in his profession, hence always a coveted feature of lifestyle.

And just when the dog decided to call it quits. The alarm went. At exactly three a.m.

Hadn’t I asked her to change the clock settings? The sleeping man woke up to this thought within seconds.

But what ensued after was much to his surprise.

There was a message. A short but crisp one.

“He dies a natural death.”

* * *

And across the city another man woke up to a similar disturbance. His mind boggling with ideas and plans. His worst competitor had decided to leave his entire empire at its peak with nothing or rather no one to look forward to it.

* * *

And when the night was all about men. There was another one who woke up to a similar time settings. His alarm had been set for five. But his phone had decided to modify this waking hour by advancing first a phone call.
“Maybe two mins” he spoke into the phone with his eyes still half shut.

contd at Many ways more than one-Part 2

* * *


They say nothing is all lost if you can find it in you to bring it back. I wonder if I have found it in myself to rekindle this blog through words. But yes there are many desires still unfulfilled and many dreams still seemingly far that inspire me to find my way back here. 

Another short story attempt. I don’t know if it shall be a thirty or a three section one. I am literally going with the flow here. All I can promise is whenever I attempt to write, it shall be my best in the present state. 

Hoping it brings forth a good read from this end to you as this space has tried to in past.

Sayonara until next time then.


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