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The final act of it all.


Empty. The house had been left alone. With no locks to guard its entrances. And whatever little remnants was left behind, only spoke of the escape that had ensued.

A loose sheet of paper hung on the window.

The message on it was simple.

No more charades.

Salim ran out of the door to reach for the gypsy again. The engine went roaring into the dead of the night


Ramlal was sitting in the police station when he heard the telephone ring. It was his boss again. He sounded agitated, distressed and more importantly impatient.

“The file says Sudha. It is locked in my bottom drawer and in it I have marked a sketch. Draw it out and bring it to Indira street in another two minutes,” his voice boomed into Ramlal’s ears.


Sudha spent five more minutes discussing the subject. She found it highly entertaining to flirt with danger. And she knew by the outlines of the events that danger was very close at heels. In fact in her heart she could hear his gypsy and the increasingly loud heart beats of the man behind the wheels.

Five and counting. She had after all been one of a kind for him. The one he couldn’t catch.

Malini on the other hand looked very different to this. Her distraught face spoke volumes about her discomfort.

Was it worth it? She thought.

One look at the photograph and she stepped into the waiting taxi.


Salim had barely reached the house when Ramlal called, “Saheb it is nowhere to be seen.”

Salim couldn’t find in himself to speak anymore.

“Saheb, the file. It is not to be found,” his voice boomed into the otherwise silent quarters of the house.

Another sheet met his eyes. And the message had been same.

No more charades.


A train was waiting for his passengers. And on cue the engine driver gave the signal for its departure. Four people from different walks entered a single coach. They sat in perfect silence and only after the soft rattle of the wheels made heavy sounds that they began to reflect.

It was what they would like to call, their last perfect plan.

A platform. A victim. Four motives and a train journey. What connected them were reasons many but what held them together was their idea.

If only Rehan could live to see the day.

While Mala spent her time sitting in peace, Sudha spent hers smiling. Malini still fidgeted with her bags, Satyam cancelled a call from Suris.

They needed no one now.

If only Rehan could live to see the day.

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