Started at (K)nighted Men-Part 1

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In one quick movement he closed on the gap. But somewhere a large sound distracted his mind. Before he could react he fell someone’s hand close on his mouth.


Saheb, saheb,” he could hear muffled voices in his head. Like someone from very far was calling out to him.

“Ramlal?” he woke up dazed and confused. Putting one hand over his head where he could feel a small lump, he finally managed to catch sight of the man behind the fictitious voice.

Aap ko yahan kaun chod ke gaya aise?” Ramlal took some time to finally uplift his rather not so active body to sit upright.

“Courier! Courier!” and of course suddenly Salim recalled his last fleeting image before he had passed out.

“Courier?” But the constable attributed his superior’s sudden eureka moment to the near missed concussion’s side effect.

“Did you find him? Where is he? What am I doing here? Indira street. Take me back to Indira street. He must be still there!” And with this sudden infuse of energy, Salim flung open the door of the close by gypsy and switched on the ignition.


“It was a close call,” the man in white kurta spoke.

“But I had been very cautious,” Mala replied nervously.

“All I am saying is that let this Malini not get to you. She is sharp and all her moves our well calculated. Her visit was intended to make you do something not safe,” his voice suddenly took an angry turn.

Mala only nodded, afraid her words might not do much justice to the situation at hand.

The man turned around swiftly and began reaching for the door.

“But is he hurt?” she called out from behind.

Without making an further retreat he replied, “not so far.”


“He was right here. I could see him. He had finally decided to go to his left and before I could make my own move I felt a hand over my mouth. That is the last I remember,” Salim rushed through, switching his gears from anger to frustration every minute.

Par saheb, who was the person who did this to you?” Ramlal more serious than usual, found his own life at stake in the given set of circumstances.

“If I knew who it was, would I be standing here doing nothing?” his usual calm demeanour was not on his right side today.

After what seemed like almost ten minutes, Salim returned to the jeep and made a headway towards headquarters.

A rather quiet Ramlal, took extra pains to not antagonize him on way back.

“Ramlal, I want you to place two extra personnel on watch for Mala. She is surely hiding something she doesn’t want us to know. Do you understand?” he glanced sideways with that authoritative tone.

Ramlal could only nod.


Sudha had spent the last two days taking care of her husband. His sudden drop in health did not alarm her as much frustrate. After all her plan had never been to turn things against the tide but to only catalyze what was an eventual outcome.

“Maybe it is time we made the call,” she heard a very feeble voice emanate from the bed on the side.

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