Started at (K)nighted Men-Part 1

Contd from It was a close call- Part 10

“Maybe it is time we made the call,” she heard a very feeble voice emanate from the bed on the side.


Malini reached home scared and exhausted. She had managed to give the men a slip but she knew they would return. Time was crucial. She had to find a way to get better of things. She quietly walked inside her room and stared at the man on the bed.

“You?” for all the relief of having gotten better of the men the sight ahead turned out to be an anti-climax.


Salim was getting restless. It had been two days and there was no headway in the case. There had been a few false starts some concrete leads but nowhere had he gotten the idea that there was a conclusion in sight. And with every passing second his impatience was getting better of him.

“It is right in my face and I can somehow not see it. What is the one element of the case not yet visible to me? Who is lying? Who isn’t speaking the truth?” Salim was getting restless with every flying thought in his head.

He knew that time was critical. Someone somewhere was making a headway. Getting ahead with their plot and his inefficiency was only assisting them.

He removed his red notebook from his pocket and opened it to read. Among a hundred signatures of self there were tidbits.

Photograph missing




Indira street


His eyes rested more on the last name. He knew there was a link embedded in it. Why had he decided to add it to the list?

Yes now he remembered. While Malini walked off from the interrogation room her phone rang. It took her seven seconds to cut the call but he could see the name of the caller. It was Sudha.


“Making the call means closing all our options,” Sudha despite the seething anger in her heart, she decided to speak with some element of calmness.

Her husband on the bed although weak still retained his egoistical instincts, he instantly rose to snap back.

“Do as I say,” he spoke as firmly as he could.

Now Sudha may have married out of choice but it wasn’t the best of her choices till date. Maybe a better circumstance would have allowed her a better hand. But for today she had to make do with what she already had.

She only nodded. Her faltering hands couldn’t key in the correct contact details and almost every time she invariable dialed an undesirable number.

Until of course she reached the right one.


Satyam was still waiting for that call from Suri. He knew money was at stake and so was reputation. Rehan had gotten both in the last decade. His death opened a void. A void which only he could fill. Or maybe try to fill.

He struck off the last thought as a moment of weakness.

He was Satyam Malhotra. The man who gave Rehan his first break. Who was he to even doubt his own credentials then?

Maybe he should make another call. This time to put across his intent right.

“Mr. Suri?” he spoke.

contd. at Time was moving- Part 12


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