Started at (K)nighted Men-Part 1

Contd from We have sinned-Part 7

“Sudha, they might come after us any time. We have sinned. We have killed a man,” he spoke these words out of trance.


“Like a sleeping disorder?” Salim spoke suddenly.

“Yes,” the white coat clad man spoke settling his spectacles on the side.

“So? Salim asked confusedly.

“We checked his medical records and found that he had been taking Zolpidem for last two years as a prescriptive drug for the disorder,” he flipped a page in the file and showed the remarks in red.

“How does it solve anything for us?” Salim exclaimed with slight hint of frustration.

“Oh. It doesn’t solve anything but I can tell you the night he died, his blood stream had extremely high doses of Zolpidem. That could have caused a mental instability leading to the suicide,” by now he had lost interest in the case and had moved on to his next dissection on the other bed.

Salim simply kept standing and staring at the dead but very calm face of Rehan on the white sheet. For two years he takes a drug. Someone as meticulous as him and one fine day he miscalculates his dosage? Just like that?

“Wait. Could you say that the doses were so high it almost meant he had to get mentally unstable or you are assuming he could have been unstable?” he called from behind.

The thin white figure stopped and turned. For a few minutes there was no trace of comprehension on his face but slowly something changed. The doctor flipped his file again and lost a bit of his color.

“Now that you mention. There is something else as well,” he replied slowly.


“Mala, there is very little chance of us speaking in court so I decided to tell you something in person,” Malini spoke with a hint of her victory smile.

“There will be a different court for you. Murders are not discussed in family legal matters you see,” the older woman losing some of her colour still managed to speak with bite.

Malini laughed. And then in a swift movement extracted a piece of paper.

“Here. This should make for some good bed time reading,” the younger woman laid the sheet on paper and left.

Whatever little colour remained on Mala’s face had now disappeared too.

Finding herself left alone in the house with the knowledge of having lost the battle before it had started, depressed her to no lengths.

She walked over to the drawer on the side. Stood there in silence and suddenly pulled out her mobile and spoke, “I need you to meet me at my house tomorrow. Yes, with all the files.”


Saheb, that central park murder had no information of any woman called Sudha,” Ramlal’s voice came from behind a tall tower of red files.

Acha,” Salim replied absentmindedly.

And with that Ramlal returned to his phone messaging again, assuming his work for now was done.

“Has there been any change in Mala’s routine off late? She has been under surveillance right?” Salim suddenly asked, waking form a sleep like slumber.

Saheb, no change,” he replied intending to cut short any further questioning.

“Any new visitors?” But Salim had struck some chord in his head it seemed.

“No sir. No new visitor. Just a courier guy who keeps delivering packages to an incorrect address,” he replied.

“What? And why are you telling me this now?” Salim finally snapped.

contd. at And risk losing everything?-Part 9

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