And of all the parlors of the world she walked into mine

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Rolling Stone gathers company. To trips many and adventures funny. Find connections uncanny


Because real life gets boring And those characters keep bursting out. Of course Tyler has a life I need to write about 🙂

Funny Bone

Q: Why can’t you tell a joke while standing on ice? A: Because it might crack up! You will not read jokes like these here. you will get worse 😀


It happens when you least expect it. Most regret it. And often when you never see it. Here’s my own bit…

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Chasing a dream partner is better than living with one

We have now reached the third day in our journey of discovering the mid twenty. Why his tough stance and rather dry aroma looked more enticing in a party and not when you actually needed an emotional support in real time. Or her super hot look attracting you from all...

Remove all ‘Buts’ from life- #A2Zchallenge

All of a sudden we find ourselves on the other side of twenty five and using the word 'but' every now and then in life. I wanted to be more successful but.. I planned on buying a bigger car but.. Middle ground of twenties instantly starts to look like a half yearly...

Approaching thirty are we?

It is somewhere around the middle ground of twenty that the looming figure of thirty begins to haunt us. I often thought that when my time would come to face the dreaded thirty I would happily walk into it. But somewhere around twenty seven I began to get jitters. My...