And of all the parlors of the world she walked into mine

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Rolling Stone gathers company. To trips many and adventures funny. Find connections uncanny


Because real life gets boring And those characters keep bursting out. Of course Tyler has a life I need to write about 🙂

Funny Bone

Q: Why can’t you tell a joke while standing on ice? A: Because it might crack up! You will not read jokes like these here. you will get worse 😀


It happens when you least expect it. Most regret it. And often when you never see it. Here’s my own bit…

Fresh from the blog

Gaia’s garden, Auroville- A Review

Empty rucksack? Is that even a proper name for someone or a couple? Well in their own words "Empty Rucksack Travelers are two young Indians who have ditched their nine to five to travel the world. They have been to 22 countries so far and want to see as many...

And with Monday comes a new theme on blog!

As I had promised in this post every Monday will bring forth a new theme. And so here I am announcing a brand new theme to you for the next seven days on your very own "The Philospher's Stone". Last week saw many of our friends pitching in for guest-posts....