About Us

It wasn’t the sound of music or the soft steps of dancing but scratching sound of an ink pen that brought me alive in this space. After four years of formal training in Kathak and three in Indian Classical music, my mind found peace in the written word.

The word ‘Subzero’ holds a special meaning for my life. It was only yesterday that I was selling magazines by that name in college. A team of fifteen and readership of 10,000, enterprise saw me sleeping for four hours at an average and becoming a common peddler outside malls on weekends.

But what it eventually did is manifest my dreams into reality. Its abrupt halt created many sores but the gradual healing gave way to new confidence and belief.

Hence the one venture I embarked upon post its inception, I decided to credit it with the name ‘Subzero’.

So much for history.

Presently am co-founder of Blogchatter, hustling each day building a better online community and creating space for real impacts and success stories purely driven by Online efforts. To our organisation’s credits are India’s first weekly Twitter Chat on Blogging as well as India’s first Blogging campaign using Alexa rank and associated tools. We also hold a record of launching most no. of ebooks in the world at one shot (thirty three). If I am not found spilling my heart out here then you can definitely catch me through 140 characters on my twitter handle.

To my name are today many social media campaigns for brands such as food panda and mom n me to name a few. Also a regular contributor to many websites and journals through topics that interest me such as books, gender and more.

If you believe you have an opportunity that may excite me and in process create something interesting, then do contact through Mail, Twitter or Facebook.

Feedback is not just welcome but needed.

Until next time,