And of all the parlors of the world she walked into mine

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Rolling Stone gathers company. To trips many and adventures funny. Find connections uncanny


Because real life gets boring And those characters keep bursting out. Of course Tyler has a life I need to write about 🙂

Funny Bone

Q: Why can’t you tell a joke while standing on ice? A: Because it might crack up! You will not read jokes like these here. you will get worse 😀


It happens when you least expect it. Most regret it. And often when you never see it. Here’s my own bit…

Fresh from the blog

For the love of #blogging #MondayMusings

No one. I repeat no one should bear the brunt of a working Sunday. Especially those who already get to suffer through a six day working schedule. So yes! Today we went to work. Sunday. Day that the sun does down somewhere and comes out only a Monday. And colored blue....

#RaiseYourVoices Against #Communal Sentiments

52 years is a long time. One witnesses plenty things. Many moments. For few even a lifetime. And then one fine day a group of people walk in your home. With pistols, knives and flying fists. And kill you. Leave your son critically injured. Yes, on 28th September this...

Is whatsapp the new age of stalking?

Yes you heard me right. Is whatsapp the new age of stalking? The new planet of snooping?When a colleague shared her phone number with me, I was quick to check her whatsapp profile. In the billions of people on facebook and a million having similar names, accessing...