In death people gain a very strong sense of halo. And I can speak that from a very personal experience. Most of the times you have seen me writing about my mother over this space. Her ideas, her experiences her life. But it is the surviving parent that finds no space at times. Bearing the brunt of double responsibilities and the guilt of being alive, they are more neglected than one can ever account for.

Yes you got it right. Tonight I will narrate a piece of my father to you.

More often I relate to his ideas than my mother’s. In fact they say I have taken to him in almost all ways possible.


Loves of my life πŸ™‚

Five things that are me and my father both.

1. Do not regret.

Yes this unusual brand of positive thinking that a lot of you have seen, is a gift of his upbringing. In his uncanny and super funny ways we have never seen him even speak the wrong side of a matter. One odd time I cooked dinner and ended up making two dals and one sabzi. Seated at the table I guiltily said, “I should have made two sabzi and one dal no?”

Before anyone could speak, he instantly looked up and said, ” No no today is the third Wednesday of the month, you are supposed to eat two dals.”

It took us thirty seconds to begin laughing but well we realised what he just did.

Do not regret your actions ever.

2. What you have is always the best

Regretting your actions is often an act in life. But rejecting the existence of your life situations is far more deep rooted. It is a state of being and not only an action. Of course we were never taught in such details. We were simply told that what you have is the best. And I have observed that most people or parents teach their kids that what you have is best for you. And this in my opinion leaves scope for some retracts.

Dad always proclaimed, what we have is The Best. Nothing was ever relative in retrospect.

3. Last minute dash

The famous last minute dash is family history. Always the last minute crisis manager are the two of us. And this is despite repeated warnings from mother and also spouse on better planning. I guess the adrenaline kick we get out of pulling an act amidst total chaos is just too much for us.

My father spent a month without admission in college because he forgot to report on time. That is a very long story, some other time. Speaks so much as to who we are no?

4. We are most modern

I am already laughing seeing the caption. In our house there is a constant competition as to who is most updated among the three. And it almost inevitably ends in my sister mocking me and my father saying his famous golden words: “Even today I know more about theΒ society’sΒ hows and whats than you two.”

And yes it is followed by a huge laugh. On which my father sweetly smiles and at times says ,”LOL”.

Awww he is so cute. No?

5. Logic.

Umm. So we both are (in)famous for it. We can just about prove anything we want. With backup data. Or not. And this is what makes our fights even more interesting. It is like who will beat who at their own game kinds πŸ˜€

All said and done. I think having him as my dad, my friend, my confidante is truly the most blessed thing that happened to me in a really long time…ohh scratch that not long time but in this life πŸ˜€

Tell us tonight a piece of your dad or mom or anyone for that matter who you believe is a lot like you πŸ™‚

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