Very few people are aware about the life changing incident that I am about to share.

It was the year 2012, I was newly married and floating on cloud nine of love and companionship. With that milestone achieved, I thought now could be a good time to push myself into work and build a more successful career at the organisation I was engaged then.

Thus began my year of endless working, I would skip tea breaks and lunches to push more and more tasks out of my way. Take on added responsibilities to create a good impression and of course continuously take feedback about my performance, to ensure I was on track.

To my disbelief though, when appraisal got released a year later – I was handed out an average grade. While my discussions had been quite opposite, the final results were not in line with my expectations. And I was in no way prepared for this.

Though I still say, my bosses were extremely supportive and perhaps in some way justified in the end but my heart simply broke.

I came back home and cried. For two entire days. 

My father or my husband, who are usually more accustomed to a more balanced me, were literally at their wits end. Endless phone calls and tea conversations were carried out by the two, to re-boot my confidence levels.

But something had snapped. I could no longer put myself back in the equation.

After about two days, I opened my laptop and started writing. I wrote and wrote. I hit publish on as much as three to four blogposts in a day! That was one crazy time.

My husband would leave for work at eight in the morning and return by six. He would leave me sitting on laptop and come back to find me still sitting with same.

Nobody could say anything to me, they were afraid I was going crazy and perhaps definitely needed some help.

After five days of not showing at work, I received a call from my Head. He sounded concerned and entreated me to join back.

Which I did. But this time my head space was not same. My mind and heart both were at home on that laptop, still writing. Still publishing blogposts. 

I even began writing a manuscript, and after about forty thousand words I realised it was quite the piece of shit. But what it did was that consistent writing helped me evolve my style and smoothened my prose.

Something I still can see in my pieces. A lot of my writing got lifted in that phase.

While I continued at work, my heart had taken a flight. My day would be filled with writing ideas and my nights would be filled with Blogging. It was during that phase when I even achieved an under 100K Alexa rank and became one of the popular bloggers in the country.

One thing led to another and before I could even realise the momentum’s speed, I had created Blogchatter.

Looking back, I realise if it wasn’t for my abject failure when it comes to corporate, I may have never discovered entrepreneurship. If I was perhaps satisfied with an average rating, I would have never pushed myself to aim for the stars.

So sometimes, it is good to aim high and fail. It is good to experience failure so that you know what you need to do, to never experience it again.

Connecting it with Chatter Prompts where the theme of the weekend is ‘A Failure that Changed me‘.

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