A lot of what I have written through the years has often offered me a glimpse into my past life. Little notes scribbled with affirmations, schedules that had to be balanced minute by minute, skincare routine jotted down painstakingly and of course names of people who held relevance & context in that time and age.

That class sixth Richa who wanted to introduce her diary to her current best friend and how happy she made her.

That class seventh Richa who wrote poems for her long gone mother.

That class ninth Richa who didn’t know what is happening to her so she made a tight schedule to sort her life.

That class twelfth Richa who discovered boys might have a thing for her and so plunged into an extensive Uptan (skincare) regime.

That college Richa who started writing affirmations to do something new for herself.

That twenty four year old Richa who wanted to get a better method to her madness and started plotting what needed healing.

That thirty four year old pregnant Richa who wanted to eat her healthiest best and made notes (in stone) on her food habits.

That current Richa who wants to go back to things she loved.

That no maida, no sugar Richa – a happy Richa, an optimistic Richa 🙂

In my last blog post I spoke about creating a showreel of good memories as my 2022 goal. Ever since I can remember I have a set process to new learnings – I READ. You push me into a new direction and I will respond by reading everything that is possibly out there – online & offline. So if I am building a showreel of good memories what do you think would be my go to thing? Re-read old writings. Diaries, blog posts, even tweets and Facebook posts.

But also creating new writings. I realised a lot of my away time from blog is also loss to me documenting my life. Re-reading old blog posts reminded me how similar I have always been – making promises to be TV free ( 😀 ), talking about internal struggles that had no outlet and yet being dreamy enough to talk about a positive tomorrow.

For so long I didn’t write because I was also hunting for perfection – I forgot I started writing when I was flunking exams in the present language. I also forgot that nothing amazing that has come in my life has come from perfection – it has come from starting. From showing up.

So here I am showing up. For myself, for the love of written word and everything sacred out there.

Until next time. Which I am hoping is now sooner than forever 🙂

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