After a lot of planning and plotting I finally managed to update this tweet:

@richa_singh  Feb 21
Ohkay! So here it begins. Planning to start a twitter chat soon. Does anyone have any idea what topic would it be? Come on make a guess 😀
And we got some answers. Okay a lot of answers!
@ishitasood @richa_singh books? Travel?
@HarshM09  Feb 21
@richa_singh ha ha 🙂 smth related to writing/literature?
@richa_singh  Feb 21
Want hints? Well it is a very different topic. Very popular on twitter but never been used for a chat (at least in India!) now tell me!
 ‏@kuldepz  Feb 21
@richa_singh music?  #twitterchat
@MundhiriPakoda  Feb 21
@richa_singh Is it about Social Networking??
@Sonalathnikar  Feb 21
@richa_singh Ice cream :-))
@Precarious_me  Feb 21
@richa_singh Is it about love, sex,dhoka, Sec377, contests, hashtags, pets,plants, water, beauty, lips, eyes, ears, nails?? Kya hai bata do?
And then people started to get close…
@Precarious_me  @richa_singh is it about the prose in poetry writing love and making readers read in space?
@kaushiva  Feb 21
@richa_singh Even my boss doesn’t make me work so hard! #twitterchat is about you and your love  right? @CorinneBlogs
But someone had to be a winner!
@jyothisdayout  @richa_singh BLOGGING? That’s the only thing that clubs all together! 🙂
Blogging it is!
@richa_singh  Feb 21
Book your time this Tuesday 9 pm. One hour of chatting up #blogs and #blogging. Use hashtag #blogchatter
For a while I had been planning and plotting to start a twitter chat on blogs and blogging. When I ran a bit of my own search it revealed that it is in fact a very less used topic for twitter chats. Which of course inspired me further!
Let us start with some basics?
What is a twitter chat?
Web Definition: Interactive conversation at a specific time on Twitter.
Pointers to follow:
  • Always use the hashtag while discussing the topics during chat, in our case #blogchatter
  • To discover what others are talking about during the hour, search the hashtag again in our case #blogchatter
  • Make attempts to go beyond your following/followers list and engage with people. This way you can get a wider perspective of the discussion.
  • Agree to disagree, always.
  • And yes not to forget have fun!
What is #blogchatter?
#blogchatter is an attempt to connect bloggers and readers on the common platform of blogging. Confused? Well seems like that to me too. Who all can join?
  • Bloggers (of course!)
  • Readers 
  • And people who have no clue what is blogging!
  • Yes even those who are running or are interested in corporate blogging
  • Basically also anyone who likes to chat 🙂 
#blogchatter is all about discussion involving the whys, whats and hows of blogging. How we can write better, how we can connect better, how we can figure out blogs better and yes on the whole how can we all together proceed toward a better blogging experience.
So see you there? On Tuesday sharp at nine pm IST. 

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