Unlike all other age groups, most friendships are made and broken in mid-twenties. Yes *surprise surprise* it is because we have more often than never moved out of our comfort zones, away from home and college.

But then another aspect of these new found friendships is that they are not always forever-forever kind.

Most mid-twenty resort to statements like ” I cannot make new friends” and despite this they do connect with hundreds of people each year through work or else where.

Any reasons for this

Let me point out a few.

Changing age has brought with an evolving mindset and then to inclucate new friends another set of modifications need to be made. This together more or less create a rebel inside our minds and we refuse to incorporate at least one. More often the friendship

The idea of meeting someone new stops to excite. Perhaps years of bonding and re-bonding with people has made us closed to the idea on the whole

You do not have the time to invest in people. Life has thrown so much at you with its vast expanse of responsibilities that new friends have no space or time anymore.

We are scared me might get hurt again.

What are the odds the friendship will benefit us in any way? Like most mid-twenties we have become way too much rational and practical and need or identify a profit with every activity. Few friendships come with that.

But can we say this is how we should be? Can we safely assume that the idea of being a closed person help us grow in any direction?

I have no tips for this because I have never been able to break the circle as such. I am one of those people who repeatedly say that ‘I am too old to make new friends” But I am all ears to here some of your pointers on this.

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