Did you read the title? Yes it is a fact from 22 million to 99,769 in just ten months. Are you not slightly intrigued how I did it? Don’t you want to know the magic trick?

Well I will of course tell you.
When I decided to write again on my blog, it was almost four years old. Had an alexa of 22 million. Page views a measly 5000 *shudders* and yes no traffic whatsoever. It was alone, dying a peaceful death.
But I decided to try it again. My last experience had been pathetic. People who had started blogging with me and had continued, were today some of the top, much talked about bloggers. I knew what a huge task I had cut out for myself. 
Alexa rank. These two words kept surfing every now and then. So I started to read up on it. Courtesy our common friend Google!
Take one.
What were the three common things connecting all those articles titled “In two months alexa under 100,00!” :
Get yourself an alexa toolbar
Install an alexa widget on your site
Write engaging content
And yes voila tomorrow you will see that your blog’s alexa is still 22000890. You have done a marvelous job my friend. *sarcasm*
Take two. 
I slowly started to read people. Crawling through the indiblogger indivine stream. Made sure I read all the blogs that I came across embedded in people’s posts as well. And yes on the side continued to write. Wrote everyday- got zero comments, ten page views and life carried on.
But this time round I had decided I will persevere. I will not back out.
You see the basic issue with me was that I cannot write parenting posts (for obvious reasons 😀 ) and satire is not my forte. I love reading those posts, no offense to that. But that is the only thing that seemed to be working in Indian blogosphere back then! Or so I thought.
But then write tribe happened. What they did for me or how they assisted me in my journey you can read here.
Here is my new set of rules for improving your alexa rank.
1. Technology updates
 The only bit of technology update that you need is to install an alexa widget in your site and browser.
2. Content
Find your true calling. Don’t for one see others and ape their styles. There must be something unique that you bring to the table. Bring that. And ensure that the idea of generating content is not traffic alone but a thought to create something you would like to read yourself.
P.S Almost everyday I re-read at least two of my blogposts. 
3. Community
I personally feel teamwork and sticking together can help achieve a lot. I for one felt that about blogging too. Internationally a lot of bloggers create their own groups and ensure to read each other come what may. This sort of solidarity mutually benefits everyone. And creates a circle of togetherness that goes beyond blogging.
In write tribe I found my space 🙂 
4. Social media
Whatever I will say here will be less. Creating a stamp or presence in social media will go a long way in helping you get the desired spotlight. Content’s true appreciator is the reader. And if reader doesn’t get to see your posts what good will come off it? Or how else can your voice be heard. 
Social media is the tool for you to communicate your content to the world. More on that in future posts!
5. Not every action will reveal a result tomorrow
This one I took a while to understand. If today you will create some content, it could be that it generates traffic months later for you. Blogging these last ten months I imbibed a lot of patience. I kept telling myself that I need to stick to a feeling of doing something right, results will flow in later.
6. The real reader is the one who never comments
A lot has been said about bloggers commenting on posts or the lack of sincerity in same. But my point is that bloggers form a minuscule part of your traffic. If you are banking alone on them, then you can never reach a stable traffic. The real reader is the one who never comments, who has stumbled upon your blog in some odd way and likes to read you. Either he is too lazy to comment or shy, but he will return. And he will return not to comment but to read. 
Pageviews are a product of these. 
7. Don’t get involved in blogging theatrics
Yes you heard me right. A lot goes in the blogging circles. For heaven’s sake there is even a bloggers’ confession page! Yes the world is same everywhere. And I know that some of them resort to all this to generate spotlight or as they say no publicity is negative publicity. But I have learnt something, after a while the readers return for you and your content not the hoopla around it. 

Stable pageviews can never be an offshoot of anything but your sincere writing or content.
8. Believe that there is someone out there better than you and you need to find that blog
I mean this very sincerely. This will always ensure that you are striving to get better and better each day. You are on constant search for good content yourself and learning from it. Remember every good blogger is first a great reader. 
Honestly I survived to tell. 
I formed a plan and stuck to it. If tomorrow this alexa slips or doesn’t surface back I am okay about it. I believe I have proven a point I wished to tell. That blogging done my way will be blogging done the best way. 
Thank you everyone who was here as a part of my journey. You know who you are and yes I dedicate this particular post to you people. 
Tomorrow is a brand new day and yes now for a while I am target less. Perhaps some odd day I will read about something else and another journey will begin. Anyways this one has still not stopped right?

Connecting it with Write Tribe’s day of festival. The prompt was Inspiring stories!

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