After a long sabbatical from blogging shady had returned. And not at all with a bang 😀 Of course there is indivine and blogadda, our age old tried tested hubs for some face value and recognition. But then the very reason why I had taken off blogging were also them. People there will like your post without as much as reading the first line. Now being a skeptic at heart even if a few were doing it genuinely I would still doubt them… Not that I don’t like the hearts being displayed 😀 but then somewhere they felt shallow to me. I will agree.

And so I started searching for blogging groups, linkies where I could perhaps connect with a different set of people. And it was through indiblogger that I found a blogger, Kislaya Gopal. She has been lying low for a while now. And it was one of her posts that linked me back to Write Tribe prompt.

You know I still remember my first ever Write Tribe prompt The Accident . I found the picture prompt very enticing suddenly. And before I knew it I was writing. And funnily it was the first ever prompt of Write Tribe wednesday series. It was a bit of luck and destiny that played tricks here. Because soon after Kislaya stopped blogging and the world she had brought me in became my only abode.

After about four or so prompts I got a message from Corinne. I also remember I was in village assessing the CSR activity of the Lucknow plant. And that one short facebook message brought me closer to the world of write tribers. I had no idea there was a facebook group as well. I also had no idea that it would be so awesome.

And look last week I took part in their first ever festival! I was so excited because inside my heart I felt that I have also completed one cycle of journey with these people.

Now confession time, I hate joining blogging groups. Its because it has everything except for quality blogging. Takes away the charm from writing. And as much as I would want to run away from this fact, I am a writer and not a blogger. I find it difficult to embrace anything but writing.

I want to thank each one at Write tribe and especially Corinne who has helped me become a better writer and a blogger. I cannot even imagine a time or a situation when you people are not there. And because it is for you that I often take out time to write, there are always times when I stay awake late into the night to even read all of you. I feel guilty if I have not read write tribers’ posts. And with this faith I always tell myself that whosoever is a part of write tribe either through UBC or through Festival of words is a must read.

Thank you everyone for always allowing me space in your life and also providing me the desired support and motivation. Much love <3 p="">
They have a lot of writing prompts on and I hope if you are not a part still you can perhaps join them through me, let me be your Kislaya Gopal… Write Tribe

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