A lot of things happen around this blog. I mean there is always some prompt or a contest or a project which is perhaps a fellow blogger’s initiative. And so right in the middle of all this poor ‘The Philospher’s Stone’  feels confused. It feels left out. I mean the hoopla around it  is so much that it gets lonely. And so mommy dearest came up with a plan. A brilliant one! She is now going to have a weekly journal which will chronicle all the activities son is going to be a part of. And also mommy dearest reads a lot of blogposts and finds quite a few of them worth mentioning. So if that happens, they will be featured here. 

Mommy dearest will try to cover as much as possible but she doesn’t guarantee that she will read through the whole of blogosphere. But yes she will try to bring as much as she can read. 

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26th Aug-1st Sept
Write Tribe Festival of Words
And we have the much awaited festival from far and wide. With seventy seven participating in this one the festival is turning out to be a grand affair. Starting from today (1st September) the theme is very simple, “Seven”. Though the rules don’t deem it so, you may or may not use the word “Seven” in your posts all week. Of course the fun is to do so. What has made this festival more entertaining is of course our very own Corinne’s lovely mails. The ideas she has suggested are quite creative, for exaample, “Seven lessons from your life” or ” Seven things you would want to tell your self at age _______” . Of course there will be some amazing writing and reading, if you want to join the grand celebration of blogging then do check out Write Tribe Festival of Words
Letter Unsent #2

Notice the #2 ? Yes this is the second in series. It will surely bring back some unspoken memories, words and most definitely emotions to your paper. When last time we had picked up the dear old best friend to write to this time its a tad bit different (or opposite). The person you need to write to is ” A stranger who made an impression on you/ someone you judged on your first impression”. Again this one will be a great outlet of some pent up feelings. Don’t brood anymore get to writing at Letters Unsent #2
Indiblogeshwari’s Ladies’ Independence special
This one I believe has many elements attached to it. One needs to write about a woman who is an entrepreneur and yeah get a cash prize if considered best. Women + entrepreneur = cash prize! Ain’t this the coolest ever? 🙂 I would say we all have these stories around us, for some in them. Why not get to writing? Womanhood needs to be celebrated and their lives shared to make us believe that our world is not only about the negativity shown on news but the small unlit lamps also. Lets spread happiness and bring these wonderful success stories home. If you believe you have a story in you, share them at Ladies’ Independence Special otherwise you anyways get wonderful reads!
Nibble Promptly!
This is a prompt with a twist. A tasty twist though. The prompt is about eating food. Well do I now have your attention? Ha! The prompt says that pick up a food, eat it and then close your eyes. Go far and travel. Take a trip down the lane. And perhaps conjure a story for it. The adventure you want to write about can be anything. It can be even full of horror! I believe this one can be one helluva gourmet trip, go ahead get your creative juices flowing and furnish a story at Nibble Promptly!
The Sunday Book Club
Yes its a book club! You got it right! And its a book club on twitter! TSBC is what connects many of us on twitter through conversations and chats on books. A bibliophile’s paradise it is. And each sunday from 3 to 4 we sit back, relax and enjoy an hour long chat on books, authors, writing styles and yes a lot of book trash talk. A certain CB gets featured plenty! This Sunday’s topic is, “If I were a book…”. Last Sunday was full of Enid Blytons and weeks that have gone by have seen Harry Potters Agatha Christie and sci fiction and loads of topics! If you have missed this amazing series then go ahead join this celebration of books! Their twitter handle is @TSBookClub.

Post you cannot miss!

As you all know that last week saw “Harry Potter festival” on this blog. Some nine entries arrived and also a lot of people having fun reading. There was one person who missed the deadline though he wrote a wonderful post for the festival. I thought he needed a special mention and so he is the Post of the week for Blog turner this time!
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