And of all the parlors of the world she walked into mine

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Rolling Stone gathers company. To trips many and adventures funny. Find connections uncanny


Because real life gets boring And those characters keep bursting out. Of course Tyler has a life I need to write about 🙂

Funny Bone

Q: Why can’t you tell a joke while standing on ice? A: Because it might crack up! You will not read jokes like these here. you will get worse 😀


It happens when you least expect it. Most regret it. And often when you never see it. Here’s my own bit…

Fresh from the blog

Why can’t I go BREAKING BAD in India?

Let’s assume I am the chemist and I know how to cook the meth. Ok so now look at the options I have to start my own lab and cook meth to sell in the market. Start with the RV (Recreation van) I will need an RV inside which I will setup my lab. I will then have to...

I am gearing up for April A-Z blogging challenge, are you?

The challenge as such demands that one needs to write exactly twenty six posts for the month of April. Starting from A and continuing to Z. The four sundays are excluded from this. If you have not then you can register here. But April A-Z challenge is not limited...