‘I believe’ theme is continuing on blog and twitter. And all day on twitter I found myself updating quite a few things. Did you see them? If you missed then, do check my profile

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I had to writeFive things I believe in. I ended with only four. Did I realise what I had done? Only when my friend Sid pointed out, very innocently, in the comments section. I was left with quite a few choices.

Unpublish it add another point and update the post. Or perhaps change the title to proclaim, “Four things I believe in”.

And then my eyes fell on the lacklustre header of my blog. Quietly asking me ‘why did you not change me when you had realised your mistake back then’.

The missing ‘o’ of “The Philospher’s Stone” danced in front of me.

People make mistakes and mistakes make people.

The story is that my friend Parv Kaushik had a very active blog back in 2009, my college fourth year. And he suggested I make one too, since I used to write. After about a week of creating the blog, did I notice the missing ‘o’. Some people had already found my writing decent, friends had referred blog to their friends and in my heart very slowly that misspelled ‘Philospher’s Stone’ had found permanent space.

It suddenly started to look more and more like a part of the flawed me.

Like anyone I am not perfect. I have my more than fair share of mistakes, shortcomings and they all together define who I am. I was very good in mathematics but often missed a perfect ten or a hundred. Reason being I was always more bothered about discovering new methods besides the one mentioned in textbooks and ended up making quite a few careless mistakes.

My teachers used to be pained seeing how I had done splendidly well in the paper but missed a few marks due to carelessness. But mother used to feel very proud. She always patted my back for trying out different things.

And it is a known thing, until you make mistakes you have not really tried new things.

A road less travelled is often the road to heaven.

So coming back to that post which says it has five points but contains only four, I found the mistake cute. A lovely reminder of who I really am. A brat. Who gets so excited trying out new things (here themes) that often goofs up on simple addition problems. And that my friend tells me that I have done well in life to stick to my guns. I didn’t let the big bad world tell me what mistakes to make. I continued with my addition issues.

And each time I read this “The Philospher’s Stone” I tell myself one day this missing ‘o’ will become legendary. One day Webster’s will change the spelling for philosopher (okay that is stretching it too much :D)

Honestly, looking back I now realise that if I had not made that spelling mistake it would forever be a blog named after the first book in the Harry Potter series. It would never really become wholeheartedly mine. But now that misssing ‘o’ has given it a new identity, it has made my blog a lot more mine and a lot less Rowling’s.

Owning a mistake is a lot more easier than owning perfection. While one is beginning, the other is end.

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