And continuing to post themes each week. I have now come to the third change. This one is very interesting. It is called ‘I believe’. And yes as the name goes it is just that. In this you will get to know me and my guests better. Our beliefs, our lives, our principles. It is where you can understand what makes us, what breaks us. Come be a part of this theme, taking this path of discovery and self-discovery…

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If it is ‘I believe’ series then I will start with the simplest. I will write down five simple beliefs which have dotted my life every now and then. Some may be controversial some strange but yes they are all truths that define who I am. 
Karma is a way of paying off your debt

Its like a balance sheet. There are credits and debts. And in this sheet there is no eye for eye. So whenever something bad happens to me, I quickly begin to explain to myself that a part of my bad karma just got paid off. I also explain that I am being let off lightly, if karma balance sheet was an eye of eye I would have been in a worse situation. This thought always helps calm me down. I realise that there is good in every bad. 
I cannot do anything that doesn’t let me sleep well at night

School, college and now work. I have often suffered because I wanted to do what was right. Even at home I faced some problems because I wanted to do or say things that were just and not biased. Life was never easy being this person. I would often cry, feel sorry for the problems that got generated, but looking back I know I never wronged anyone. And when I sit alone and look back I might sound like a narcissist but yes I do feel happy and proud. It was a tough call always but one that worked out for my conscience better.
My God knows best
By nature humans are beggars. I know it is a very unpolitical way of putting things but that is so. My mother always taught me that I should only pray to God for the health of family. It does sound ironical when I see what eventually happened to her. Well moving on. And I went a step ahead I only pray that he does the best for me and my family. Because he knows what is best. And I have some experience in this. Everytime I have asked him for something and he has given me, it has been one of my life’s worst choices.
Responsibility is directly proportional to loneliness

A while back I was talking to someone and in the end we concluded that responsibility is a lonely job. I suddenly realised that I have all along felt like that about my life but never really put it in those exact words. As a society too we are so prone to run padh yatras, hunger strikes, rallies, slogans and what not to gain our rights. But not so much when it is about our own responsibilties. And if you look at a the larger picture, the country or even companies run more often than never because a handful few are doing their job properly. A meager thirty percent sustain the seventy in such cases. Being responsible is a one man’s job.
I hope you enjoyed these five. Each one of these five deserve a seperate post and soon you will be reading some of these points in a longer format too.
We also have the ‘I believe’ logo designed by one and only Vikas Agarwal! 

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