And of all the parlors of the world she walked into mine

Journeys. Life. Books and more.


Rolling Stone gathers company. To trips many and adventures funny. Find connections uncanny


Because real life gets boring And those characters keep bursting out. Of course Tyler has a life I need to write about 🙂

Funny Bone

Q: Why can’t you tell a joke while standing on ice? A: Because it might crack up! You will not read jokes like these here. you will get worse 😀


It happens when you least expect it. Most regret it. And often when you never see it. Here’s my own bit…

Fresh from the blog

Women need more time #pledgeforparity #MondayMusings

I was watching Melinda and Bill Gates over at The tonight show with Jimmy Fallon, where they were each asked a common question: What superpower they wish they had to change the world? Melinda: Time, in my field of work I have realised that women all over do so much...

A leaf out of my school personal diary #MondayMusings

I am one of your sorrows, And also a partner of tomorrow. I was twelve when I wrote this. Name of the poem was 'Memories'. I happened to stumble upon one of my personal diaries from school. A series of laughs and tears flooded my head. The diary had been with me...

My Daddy taught me to be my own girl

I am one of those elusive kids who find time to speak to their parents while going from one place to another in a cab. Or when they have some work to get done by them. And each time the conversations last forever and the next few minutes post the phone call, immense...