Rebel without a cause.

These words made a lot of sense to me.


Not that it has become cliched and may also evoke some banality in the idea itself.

But the essence is what defines me.

When Kala suggested (yes Blogchatter community you can suggest us prompts!) that we align the last week’s fiery session along the lines of refusing to be branded as a typical blogger. I loved it.

I felt it was everything as a community we have sustained so far. We have refused campaigns because they looked too shoddy and sell-able in our face. We have accepted free book reviews because it made sense to us. We simply started activities because we thought they may bring a smile to someone’s face.

And we shook the pillars of blogging ethics everywhere. Brave voices in our chat sessions surprised us. Woke us to a world we thought had given up on the basic ideals.

Help a fellow move ahead in blogging.

Stop a brand taking advantage of your space.

Be a part of tribe in spirit and not in expectation.

Let your content be who you are. And not who your peer group is.

Tell someone they are wrong when they are. But love them no less.

And more importantly be more you when it comes to blogging.

Stereotypes were broken everywhere.

Days and nights of chats. Hours of conversations leading to concrete plans.

Empathy and good will became second names to bloggers. Who were unfortunately earlier pretty much working in silos.


We took a long walk into our ideas

And before I knew it we had done it!

We had broken away from brand blogger. A brand which was working on numbers and exchanges. A brand which had come to pass for quantity and not quality.

So on behalf of entire Blogchatter Community I say.

Brand me not! I have a lot more to say before you can finally decide.

Connecting it with Blogchatter prompt ‘Brand Me not’.

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