Community is mainly building blocks of human aspirations. Yes, if there is an element of surprise in your head over the word aspirations then you may need to read a lot more into people interactions in a group.

As a newbie this aspiration is more to the tune of being accepted. At various stages this emotion or aspiration evolves into more detailed needs from community as well.

But to begin with acceptance is the key parameter.

What is this acceptance?

From the point of view of newbie, this acceptance could mean being noticed for personality and work. Being appreciated for the little something he or she brings to the table in initial interactions. And more importantly to be unique in a herd which is already deeply rooted and accepted by all.

From the point of view of community, this acceptance could mean agreeing to a common way of being in the group. Of imbibing a uniform value system which the other members have already incorporated and presently exhibit. In short, be herd while being unique.

In a way the expectations of community and newbie are always opposite in nature.

Where one demands distinction the other demands sublimation.

But the twain needs to meet.


How can a newbie maximise gains from a community?

I – Identify the high energy centres of the community

These people are visible from across the table in a mess or canteen. People who champion the cause of a group. They symbolise everything a community represents and more often become natural recruiters of the group as well. They will be outspoken, flamboyant and yes ready to help. Reaching out to them is very easy and also a single point contact to getting accepted rather quickly.

In a blogging community these people are the ones who take up all initiatives very seriously. They become flag bearers of all things that are taking place in the group. They are opinionated. Admins wait for them to be alive before embarking upon any discussion and their views are seriously considered or convinced (if opposite) to a course of action.

Reach out to them over a direct message on twitter or an email and up front ask for help. Along with help you will get free entry to the all exclusive midnight chats as well.

II- Create your own brand along the ideas of group

The group begins to resonate with certain set themes. Belief system gets created very early in communities. And these belief systems pull and push people. The movement or growth of a community is always along these lines. A lot may happen but the core never falls away. In case a community does deviate from their basic principles there is a high chance the group as such may not work (more on that later!)

As a newbie what can you do here?

You cannot change in a day. But the themes on which the group operates might find takers in your own ideas. Many times (has happened with me) you may hold no opinion on these themes. At best give thought to the group’s existing ideology on these points and see if you can perhaps simply imbibe them. Going with the flow is easier as they often say.

III- Become their un-heralded brand ambassador

Every group loves to be talked about. All communities thrive as units of pride. And as a newbie if you believe in their cause give them love they need. Talk about them, share their ideas. Get more and more people tuned in with their thoughts and goals. It is not called flattery it is called considering your membership or association with the group not as a way of accepting them but as a way of endorsing them.

This kind of faith never goes un-returned. Community members instantly notice such newbies and go all out in embracing them.

Tonight tell us, as a newbie what has been your modus operandi so far? If we like your comment and ideas we will edit this post add your views here and give you due credit 🙂

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