I was tagged by LeprchaunRabbit to write how I plan to take my blog to the next level.

Blogging has money. That was the brief given to me when I first started blogging. Which is now almost seven years to the date.

I took the brief and decided to move my closet writings out on the blank screens of a blogger dashboard.

But what they never told me was, blogging like every other thing is synonymous with life. And hence extension of who you are in person.

The way making money was happening, wasn’t quite appealing to my senses. To begin with, those horrible adsense ads in side bar made me puke. Writing random sponsored posts still give me sleepless nights.

And asking people to read my blog to increase traffic has still not appealed to me. Funny cause this is something no blogger would perhaps claim.

What was I even doing here? And why?

Questions that hit my mind very early on. I stumbled. I ran from this place. I got terribly scarred by the games that went on.

But I returned. Each time for that scared me inside.

Even today seeing an isolated blogger vying for attention and clearly lost in space and time does something to me. Makes me feel the same pain I had felt all those years. And knowing the next step for this blogger could either be shut shop or follow the herd, I quickly pitch in.

So many of them sustained blogging because maybe (I would like to believe) a random comment, an email or a text helped them survive the initial lull.

But why all this on a bright Wednesday when clearly the idea is ‘my blog‘ and ‘next level‘.

I now want to take my blog to the next level as a place where I can help people build a community through their blog. Understand the whats and hows of community.

Writing can be done in a microsoft word as well, why blog if silos is what appeals to you?

If you have decided to put up a blog, you have made the choice to find a tribe for yourself.

So my next level is this blog i.e The Philospher’s Stone will no longer be just for me. It now has to pay forward. It must inspire people to take up blogging as a serious business of being themselves. In turn blogging and evoking others to follow suit in ways of community

I am now tagging Sam to how he wishes to take his blog to the next level.

final logo

I wish to take my blog to the next level with Blogchatter and through Blogchatter I wish many others in turn take their blogs to the next level.

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