i am at a very important juncture in my life….. my college has finished and my life is full of idlness…. i am an engineer and i am unemployed.. though it has been only a few months that i am jobless but due to this recession my life has become all but nice and happy and most importantly HOPEFUl…. before the last year economy meltdown.. recession was only another concept to me which i had studied in my class 12 economics class.. nw it seemss more like the mogambo of mr. india .. ready to reduce me to the rag and beggar class of people shown in the movie… with only a difference that my mr. india (in this case my job) has actually disappeared for good!!!!! Gawd when will the job scenario improve or do i also need a pair of red tinted shades to at least just catch a glimpse of my next employer or rather my first real employer 😉

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