Sometimes in life u look at certain expressions or phrases and u just know they are universal u know u dont need a proven proof to assert their universality. A few days back I happened to stumble upon one such line… where I heard it or how I heard it doesnt affect the credibility of the sentence… it suddenly did sumthng to me today I want u to think about it I want u to wonder whether u can like me believe in its universality. Im nt giving u a proof Im giving u wht it made me think no proof only deductions.

” Freedom is the most expensive commodity”

In todays world where capitalism has found its tentacles in the most hardcore of communist nations like Russia... everything and anything is a commodity.. where we can buy a woman, a child, sex, like they were a condom, a toy or a viagra… everything has a price everything has a tag… it could not necessarily be in monetary terms. And suddenly out of the blue I came across this sentence which tagged freedom as not just a commodity but the most expensive one, it made me wonder whether it was true. Whether out of all the things I possess in life my freedom is the most expensive. And suddenly it just dawned upon me that yes my freedom, ur freedom everyones freedom is the most expensive possession we have.

Now I know most of my readers have started to stumble upon concepts like.. of course freedom is the most expensive it is priceless. I dont blame them even I got stuck upon that thought.But again I started to ravel stuff around me and I realised no freedom is not priceless it comes at a price.
Look at the prices of freedom…. when u make a choice u inherit with it the uncertainty of it becoming the biggest mistake of your life.. but still would you give up the freedom of making ur own decisions no matter how disrupting they are. If u compare no other commodity has these high return of risk like freedom. So basically u invest more when u assert ur freedom than anything else.
A few years back when I was in school I heard a debate which was titled.

“Autocracy is better than chaotic democracy”

The teams defending the motion were very good on paper they were outstanding the best speaker was given to one of the principal speakers of the team supporting the motion. Yet the motion was defeated.
Even at that age I realised that no matter how much autocracy or Fidel Castro was good I would never give up my democracy my freedom… my freedom no matter how much stand to lose Like look at Africa and one would understand… these people live in utter misery they have nothing left to lose.. disease,insects, aids,poverty everything bad one can think. Yet they fight tooth and nail to defend their freedom.

Off and on, bigger nations intrude their independence, they may not be able to fight aids but they fight with all that is left of them to remain free. Its very expensive for them to remain free yet they do it……. its everywhere freedom as the most expensive commodity for a man to afford yet man does fight for it… for being free.

I dont know if I have been able to explain myself but i just know that freedom is the most expensive commodity in my life I would give up everything only to remain free.

This article I dedicate to all those people all over the world who fought for the own freedom for their country’s… vive martyrs long live the freedom struggle coz we all know it will never end….
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