Sometimes in life u get a lesson u remember for life even though the lesson itself is ugly. U dont wish to change u dont wish to turn urself into them but u have to its like no longer can u be urself. All these hollow claims by people that they respect honesty or appreciate u as who u are are all fake and plastic. Like I have already mentioned that in ma article fake and plastic that now its not our fault people want us to be fake and plastic because they themselves are left with nothing but fakeness in them so they cant stand a clear straightforward U.
I have heard this at least umpteen times from my friend Ankit that one should keep their opinion to them selves and never reveal it to just simply to anyone. Like my dad always told me ur right in ur own conscience in ur own mind in ur own intentions but is the person opposite to u seeing u in the same way. one can vouch for their own intentions but can u vouch for somebody else’s. I used to think I can, in fact upto a very great deal I used to pride myself regarding this my frnds and family often valued my sense of judgement. But off late I have let myself down, I tried to help a friend with my clear and unbiased sense of judgement and guess what he seemed to agree initially only to completely turn back on his own sense of understanding. With this I think I have made a very clear sense of understanding of what normal “FAKE” people are, of what they are capable of thinking.
so I am writing this note to warn all those people who like me think they are helping their friends by giving them a very honest opinion of what you think of their “affairs”…. I think I got my lesson I dont want you to get it please let the person stumble, let him or her experience the stuff u think they would and when they will they’ll know u were correct but please we dont need their ” judgement ” to tell us whether we are correct or wrong we just feel something and we are happy being honest with that.
The question that remains that would such a thing give us a setback.. after a few minutes (that is all that one is supposed to spend on such frivolous issues) of contemplation I have come to a stand that no I will not change for any tom dick and harry having some various arbit opinion abt me. I dont care. Yes i feel bothered that I cared to think about that person’s welfare I bothered to take out of precious time only to be at the end of the day ” judged” to be wrong so I am happy that one such a person down, my coming days will be free of fakeness.

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