I am a little nervous a little disturbed everything around me is getting all weird. girls living in my pg are all planning to get married they are engaged affianced or all set to get, their conversations have changed from “lets go for a party” to “I need to ask him first”. they were like me 22 23 year olds having fun being in relationships having boyfriends to fret over… friends to party with …. shopping freak who wroshipped sales and survived on shopping bags. what happened suddenly things are changing they are changing they are suddenly these to be wives who know their responsibilities and stuff

the most close encounter i had of this kind was none other but my roomates cousin who is only 6 months elder to me. she had a life i could only dream of larger than life party circle… awesome friends, relationships i would die for.. education i wished for everything… if i was in her place i would be dreaming big getting a higher than skies career but zonked evrything over.. she returns home and gets affianced by her own free will- no pressure. what world have we come to are we still the generation Y or are we still unsure. do we still want a fallback option and be happy with it
but al this disturbs me a lot a lot…… sometime back i knew these twin sisters who were really cool atleast 15 years elder to me they were like me today they had dreams career ambitions everything, one of them got married when she was earning as much as 50k a month at that time, the other refused to get married if the guy asked for a dowry. finally both are settled and have a ravishing career. now i believed in them i am them i thought with time we would change we girls would become like them. but suddenly i am enthrusted with such episodes no we have not changed we are still looking for the solace of a guy…. we are still looking for a rich guy to get settled with not a career…… u know here i feel we are the hypocites not the guys… we say we are liberated but we dont feel… we are not subjugated by others we are subjugated by our ownself we are what we are becoz of our own thinking
its a very arbit article i just wrote what came to ma mind may not make much sense

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