Ma friends had come over and we had a blast had the time of ma life. So fresh from all the reunion feelings I have had I am today going to introduce ma friends to you people.

Ankit Gupta– hes this a lil fat guy who is very tall and loves to eat though gets very bugged when such a thing is mentioned on ne of the social networking sites lol hes amazing has this most cool sense of humor. But whts amazing about him is that no matter how good a human being u r he makes u feel ur the worst….. coz hes got a golden heart hes amazing..
Ankit Gera– this guy is like a lil bomb or sumthng always ready with some amazing lil witty retorts for you. If u win with him in this making fun game ur really something. We both have been friends from 1st year and I can always say this if I need help hell be the first ill contact the guy is always there for his frnds and family alike, his girlfrnd happens to me ex-roommate and my very close frnd these ppl are totally made for each other constant bickering and full of natak an entertainment to watch !
Priya Paliwal– ummm what can I say about her we have been roommates for now 4 years though now shes gone bac to agra I really miss her. shes my fashion guru, shes the sole reason why I am wht I am today fashion wise. she loves gettng her photos clicked, a lil snappy in nature but we are all now used to tht, very sensitive a true piscean, quite studious but a total party gal, a deadly combo shes very fun loving a lil absent minded and touchy abt it but we love her the way she is.
Swati Singh-we guys have been frnds from the first day of college… somebody I respect a lot for her strong personality and a go getter attitude. Shes a typical leo will always stand out.. looks quite good and also my batch topper a complete package in all the ways… loves to dance and is quite good at it.. very honest a good person a lil high on ego but we hv learnt to adjust. Wherever we go all boys get attracted to her and we are sidelined. A good friend for everyone.
Chetna Mendiratta– though she wasnt present at the reunion how can I miss her. We have been very close never known to have any big altercations. We have this amazing bonding wich never changes. She has an amazing sense of humor but wich inevitably borders on a lil naught side lol…. She loves clothes I think she likes them to the extent to being heavily addicted to them. Shes very understanding when it comes to me I miss her for always being there for me no matter what comes around. I have so many funny incidents related to her which still make me laugh.

There are many more friends in college but still these are the closest I couldnt have imagined my 4 years sans them they make me whatever I am today I miss them a lot and this piece goes out to them hoping we all will be friends forever never a day goes when I dont miss you people luv ya
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