Many of my fellow friends say that all Michael Jackson was left with was his plasticness if at all that is a word…. His plastic body…his plastic nose… his plastic comeback…. But haven’t we all become plastic and fake in our own ways of life. I do not want to become cynical or even judgmental (the cardinal sin)…. But we have become fake and move in shades of façade too easily camouflaged by our surroundings.
So many times you hear people say things you know they don’t mean and amazingly surprisingly even they know that you know that. Like the most common being…. “Its lonely at the top”…. if its someone else at the top then its lonely but if its you then you are the CEO, the director, the SUCCESSFUL. Why these double standards why this act?
Oh really she cheated on her boyfriend I wouldn’t even dream of it… when in actual reality you fantasize about all the boys in the place. I so want my best friend to make it big, I am so happy she got that huge break……. Yes only until the break is smaller than mine. Its not just one isolated case its everywhere we see it we feel it we know it but we still don’t react the reason is that we are all guilty as charged we all feel the same and behave the same, in fact the writer of this article is also not spared.
So now being a part of this huge guilt free society of fakes, I today want to justify why we fake. Its because the society wants us to fake, they are not ready to take us in their faces, they cant and will not accept us if we did manage to put up ourselves as ourselves. Imagine the reaction your friend would get if you told her that its ok if someone cheated on her boyfriend I did it too. Do u think she would accept your honesty no she wants you to criticize that xyz who cheated “the slut” not side with her. Over the years the niceties taught to us has made us this plastic person… we would abuse like hell coz its cool but not tell those people that we actually meant every single abuse we hurled at them. Today I want to stand by these double standards coz they have become the standard they are the norm. if you dare to change it you are a misfit, you are not what ur friends want u to be.
But most importantly in being fake to others by strange balance of nature we become real honest with ourselves….. somehow our hunger for truth naked truth makes us become honest and truthful to our inner conscious. And what matters is exactly that. Before the mechanization of society people believed in truth and all such virtues which often mixed up how they really felt and consequently they lost the truth within themselves. Today I know each on of us are very clear who we are and what we want. I might tell my friend I want you to succeed but I don’t want her to so I know I have to always work hard to remain ahead….the end result being that we all our happy and contented.
When I write, I write to express not just my views my doubts I hope my little piece has made u feel something a pro or against?

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