sometime back i got a harried call from a girl called rashi who happens to be my dear sister. the cause of her upheaval was not a test looming boards or nething that simple it was sumthng more substantial something more close to my heart. something that i was subjected to when i was at her place. i know i love lamartiniere i love the spirit it has given me and that is to always be myself. it is under this effect only that despite being subjected to years and years of “a certain bias” i came out being more strong and even better if it was possible.
but hearing all that from my sister didnt make me happy, didnt make me feel proud i was still a martinian. i know wht tht skool was doing to her she is not me she doesnt see the way i do. and frankly i was very happy she is not me not until yesterday. seeing her all dejected in the very system she wanted to be a part of made me fel how strong this prejudice is present in mart. how they in the name of ego and self respect quash away a 17 year old’s aspirations. they crumple it to such a huge effect that the very skool she was ready to do nethng for today shes not ready to study there. and what are they getting a 2 mins solace for being happy feeling all powerful. i have frnds in cms who are less than half of talent which is present in the most average of martinians but their skool seriously rocks they make them feel that they can takeover nethng and end result they succeed in life.
at one time colvin taluqdars was considered to be the best not one of the best and today we all know. they must have done something wrong….. and i can clearly see if not a decade then five of those decades later mart will no longer be mart. already i have not just my sister even parents of family frnds criticising everything abt mart’s structure but nothing made me more sad when a lil girl who loved mart more than nethng else in this entire world… who used to fight with me over how good it is and brush me away at all my criticisms is today ready to denounce it never to look back again…… thanku lamartiniere for making those biased live under a false sense of security and end up nowhere and those biased against to become so bitter that every single step they take towards success its more like a reminder of their discriminated days in ur premises…….
i know the note has turned out to be evry long but still from my own experience i would say to all in the words of one of the mart teachers…. what is better to have a cake when u know u didnt deserve it or to didnt have it when u know u did.
to those who are being biased against i wud say if u were on the other side would u like being preferred i know it that in hearts of hearts u know the answer and to those privileged ones i say i have seen from my own experience none of this matters in fact in the end it all crashes onto u.

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