its been a long time since i came back well i have been catchng up with ma life in general. let me see what can i share with you i have been gettng up as late as 6 in the evening obviouly coz i was sleeping also at 6 in the morning please dont ask me why and what coz even i dont know. if u ask me whether the feeling was good well it wasnt but i just couldnt help it. i have watched jab we met at least 3 times this week. had a lot of personal tumoil. could not decide about sumthng i have come close to a decision but its close. one more thing i know sach ka samna has been gettng a lot of negative attention but i somehow kinda liked it theres sumthng very real abt it.. i mean so unexpected but true. it shows how we have been running away frm facts like infidelity and unfaithfulness and its all here present. i like the cynicism of the show. on the political front i totally support omar abdullah i personally feel the man rocks felt bad he was the crux of such rubbish politics…. i would never say it always happens in india it happens all over so its okay but they guy is so ideological feels a lil sad. the most obnoxious aspect of our poltical system is the alienatng of the opposition which inturn makes them so hostile that the sittng government often doesnt function to their abilities… the latest being obviously the balochistan case…. the hue and cry wasted a lot of time on the personal front my college frnds are coming over i assure u ppl ill upload a lot of pictures to get a glimpse of all of them…. lets see how the get together would turn out to be the job front is bleak so lets just nt talk abt it

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