When pepsi started its Youth for pepsi ad campaign it tagged us the generation “Y”…. little did it know it tagged it correct not only are we a step ahead of generation X we are literally the generation Y or WHY.

Everything we do is based on logic tell us the reson and we ll follow U- even if u tell us Imurdered coz I had a good enuf reason we will be there for u.
We the living are a very queer mix of people. We are different alright but we are also different from each other. Our parents had a standard set of thoughts barring a few rebels. But we are all rebels from one or other person’s perceptive. We rebel against our parents agains society even against each other. I think the one word we all despise and can clearly agree to is that we rebel against set standards we dont want a set plan, we all like change.
But contradicting ourselves we often find ourselves in the bonds and shackles of our own standards…. we refuse to change our entire coding. We swear by MTV and yet we swear by our respective religions no matter how rebellious we are we are all inherently god fearing. Despite flaunting our atheist nature as our cool statement we pray, we believe.
We believe in conserving water, donating blood not comparing them by some random idiom that ” blood is thicker than water”
Our parents believed in family we too just that we have included our friends in the large circle of family. We stand by all those who belong to us.
This was just an intro to us we the living keep tracking this space for more on ” We The Living”
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