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Benjamin Button says

“theres something about coming home, it seems the same, it feels the same, then you realise what has changed is you”
At that time my emotions were totally mirrored by these words, walking down the lane what I saw was not deja vu because it didnt feel the same or feel the same.
boys and girls wearing blue and white
creating a chaotic sight
bored faces
all playing queens and aces
books have become the shelter
to play around helter skelter
the only one not in blue and white
ignores all this in plain sight
I blame her
if I were
this u would not be
I wish I cudnt see

I moved ahead, this was my school, my class, my classroom, this where I once used to teach. After 25 years I have returned I want to redeem I want to return myself to what I was doing best and to ensure they return.But I continued to walk, I wanted to see what all was lost, what all I had to redeem, what I had to do to bring back the lost sheen the lost glean.
Moving ahead, I came to a point where i often sat and relaxed underneath the glorious sun. Today the sun had gone out but the little boys and girls sat there fat and snout.
The classes have become a facade, my sorrow can not be fully explained by charade. Moving ahead i reached a place where often i used to take long walks full of me, the little ones could not dare to see. Today the world has totally changed, the comrades walk, happy and gay. The shadowy teachers walk down the lane, ignoring what may not seem the same.
The little park down the road, where roses red and pink glowed, has changed its colour to black and white coz thats all left to meet the eye. I see a bunch of dancing girls, with boys around poking fun. The courts are full of fights and stuff, gone are the days of teams tough.
Have they changed everything to so much
that little ones have become such
i blame not them
but it has stemmed
from “their” own
and my clones,
i thought it
would be fit
if i only walked
and didnt talk
but being there
i couldnot help but stare
at the deplorable
state of affairs
i resolved to bring back all that was lost
redeem them there at any cost
I firmly resolved, the litte ones could not solve, so moving on went right into the wall. the name plate said “principal”, I wondered whether it seemed now a little null. Entering the office i met the man, explained him agitatedly my lost stand. Surprised to see a smiling face, I couldnt help but ask, “whats the new state?”. Rising up from the little chair, his little face covered with hair, seemed to break into a new way, I waited for him to say.
“sir we are honored you came back, let me show you around this old shack”, hesitatingly explained, how all these sights caused pain. He didnt pay any further attention to me, it seems like he had better things to see. Smiling, walking the same road, he stopped outside the red abode. Pointing at the little tree he asked him to see, there was a little plant growing underneath.
He told me how the little tree was where each day a little guy happy and gay stood to bear his sunny reprimand. He reminded me how I remebered the rosy shade and forgot the boys’ terrified stay.
He reminisced how each year, the wind came the roses came but the smile and happiness on the little ones never came.
He showed me my little reclining place, and asked me to face. On seeing my bewildement he said “the face of disspointed parent. This is where each week, children geek or weak, stood with a bewildered streak, to listen to what their teacher told their parents meek.
All has changed, we do not fumble we do not stumble we only let them pass all that is humble. We do not teach, we donot preach we let them fly beyond their reach. We have made the garden be full of life and not marred them with hate and strife. I once wondered whether it was all insane but the happy kid seemed worth the gain.
Let me take you down the memory lane, come with me the class same.let me help you see the same class, you just thought doesnt deserve the chance.
Where you thought helter skelter
I saw a home a shelter,
What you thought was chaotic
I saw dynamics
What you thought was ignorance
I saw patience
When you thought doom
I saw a whole generation bloom.”

The teachers today have changed for sure, they may have become more materialstic but then who hasnt, my excerpt though fictitious maybe what exactly a teacher of the past feels but I feel that the past was different, the children of past teachers are teachers of today…. we have realised the importance of a child’s self respect and confidence. We no longer want the past dictators, authoritarians, today a teacer is a friend first and then a mentor.
Let us not marr their efforts by evaluating their charm for money and materialism let us not forget even advocators of religion have not escaped these temptations. After much contemplation i have come to a very strong stand that yes I would very much like to be taught by a teacher of today than of the past.

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