I am what I am I am you, I am this silent spectator who notices, feels hears and understands- but in the smaller realities of his own life has lost his voice. Everyday, I have these moments in my head when I know I could be not you but me, and then the moment passes and I return to being you- the common man.

A lot has been said, written and shown about this ordinary common man, the uncommon man romances the idea of being a common man and well the common man what does he do- he simply watches this romance. If today someone asked me that out of all the intellectuals of the world who is that thinks the most I would say the “common man”. He has his limitations, and these very limitations make his thought process most complicated.
Walking down the road on a chilly afternoon you would see this very common man out on the streets, battling away the cold in a flimsy pullover- think about his intellectual aptitude, it is only the strength of his mind that makes him as warm as you in your bundles of wraps. But theres a difference- while his intellectuality is being used for his very existence- Dr. Manmohan Singh’s being employed to ensure his condition remains the same next winter. Who would you say is more intelligent- whose thought process would you say is more evolved.
I know that the above said words have only “intellectual value” but then even I am what I call a “common man”- my thoughts are only for me, even when I pass it on to my reader, he ponders only for a few moments after all even he is a common man.
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