Everyday at sharp 7.30 pm I go for a long walk in my society, and each time I see a white shirt clad guy driving in a smooth sedan at over an 80 km/hr past me. Due to his lightening bolt speed, I am rarely ever able to see his face, but I get the fair idea that he is quite a hunk.

This continued for quite sometime, until one day I decided that the long walk was having little or no effect on my thunder thighs and I needed to start jogging to bring a real difference. So like everyday I left my house at 7.30 pm only this time for a run and not for a walk. All was going well until, I saw the same sedan approaching me again, I thought I should slow down, but didn’t. When the car came real close, like always I tried looking through its window. What I saw this time totally shocked me. The “hunk” driving the car was actually a very rustic faced driver (read white shirt clad).

What really blurred my vision, why couldn’t I see this coming? what really happened here? I’ll tell you what happened here; his lightening bolt speed hindered my sight. Sometimes in life to see things clearly we need to increase our own pace to match those of the surroundings. Only when the relative speed decreases, do we see more clearly.

That’s why I say that when you reminisce your past- take a walk down the lane. But in this zip zap zoom world, to see your future more clearly- always take a jog up the lane.

In this super fast world of today, everything happens at lightening bolt speed, we never even get a chance to bat an eyelid and something happens. If you believe you are the slow and steady one, you’ll soon be forced into believing something else. You can’t be slow, you cant afford not to be proactive. Proactive is the exact word which sums up my column “a Jog up the lane”.

Through my column , I’ll show you how the contemporary events- socio-political or otherwise, if seen proactively would have been different.

If almost 12 years back Mulayam Singh Yadav had taken a jog up the lane, and not humiliated a hideous looking dalit minister, today he may be in power. In taking up a grudge against Mayawati he created his biggest political rival.

Sometimes there are plenty of outcomes presented to us for our various actions, and they are all thrown so suddenly at us that we really cant make an apt choice. For example, in the whole nuclear deal with United States, who was the real loser- Advani.

When the nuclear deal fiasco happened Advani changed his stance twice- he went from being totally approving to bring some changes to scrap the deal. What really happened there was that initially he thought like a good leader then like a good political leader and then like an opposition leader. He thought in the end that if Congress lost the majority he may have a chance in the form of an early election. Not only did Congress not lose majority, Advani lost out on his credibility. If he had continued on his earlier stand, he may have had some chance at winning the elections. If only he had taken a sprint up the lane.

Enough today about these celebrity people; what about us-the so called common man? Do we ever see our own actions proactively? In our hurried race to chase dreams and success, do we jog at the same speed into our future and see the caricature of our own dreams? When would I become the CEO, when would I have the SUV of my dreams… do we ever ask questions like when would I be able to spend quality time with my friends and family? When would I be able to bring a real change in the society?

In the next jog up the lane, I’ll take you for a jog with the same much romanced common man and see his life in a particle accelerator.

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