I don’t want to do this, but it seems you have left me with no choice. The times have changed and so have you but the one thing who didn’t was me. Yes I call myself a thing. I am a thing. You don’t think I have emotions and neither do I. How else can we explain my endurance levels. It seems you throw something at me and I get hit but not affected. Higher powers throw fate at me and I get eradicated but not disturbed.

I know how badly I wanted for us to work. But seems like that is a faraway land. I know you care but so do the other 5879 people in my life. How different are you? How strange are you? You know I care, and you know I care much more than 598790 people in your life could ever imagine. Then why is it that when I can beat all those 598790 people in your life, you cannot make efforts to compete with my mere 5879.
You know I dreamed of a time when I would be the only one you cared for, but now I dream that I would be the only one you would care for the most. I am happy knowing I am special and not the only special. But nothing happens, each day I feel there are others who become far more special. Each morning I feel there are others far more cared for than me.
You tell me you love me. I am waiting for the day when you don’t have to tell me, you’ll only have to remind me. I wonder when would you really understand it was never about words, it was always about feelings.
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