How realistic you are tell me….I want to know..something has happened in my recent past that has made me realise I am as a matter of fact too much of an idealist for other people’s comfort level. Is it a crime in todays world of zip zap zoom to stick to the conventionalities taught to us in our very boring moral science classes?
The question has eluded me ever since I left school you have a group of people who have a more or less same sensibilities as you…so the question of contradiction is immensely reduced. After four years, my index of idealism has decreased massively, I have already started to take a lot of crap with a pinch of salt. But what if I stop at some level..what if my age old rigidity does not allow me to reduce the index on certain I I have to change? What if I am incapable of any change now…then am I by our new “Moral Science” lectures..a misfit?
My note today will not at all give you any answers..because today I want you people to give me answers..I want you idealists like me and some of you not so idealist-the real people to elucidate on the topic as to what is the right protocol. I know off course that the best possible answer would be- there are grey areas but I firmly believe we have started using this grey area way too much to avoid conflicts now. Today I want people to be outrageous, I want them to infuriate me and be infuriated in return- I want “Black” or “White” either you are with me or not with me.
Everyday we see a great deal of shit happening around us..we have all become these snitches…we say something and do something else…we have problems with great Mayawati taking away money from the tax payers to erect statues and at the first instance of being caught we bribe every single official…..who suffers are you suffering no unfortunately you are not…every single of those crores of rupees that gets swindled is the loss of the underprivileged….I as an idealist ask you so called practical people to do one thing …stick to your own new found ideals..accept the life you follow….you must endorse corruption as a way of your own life…..
Today tell me is it black or white……no greys.

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