I often lay in my bed and thought

how life seems so short,
I made plans of my immense wealth
and pink health.
I dreamed my luxuries
and forgot my worries.
I thought I would have it all.
Each night I saw it all
On my pink and white wall.
But then one day I met you
I started to become
all strange and a new.
I saw the wall
I even thought it all
But somehow
it didn’t seem like a dream
It had lost all it sheen
then one day you told me
how each night
you saw the same sight
with your eyes shut all tight
I don’t like it.
I want it all
on my pink and white wall
But with you at the
centre of it all
I want you to see it same
me and you together
no money no fame.
I see you and only you
on my pink and white wall.
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