Sitting in my comfortable chair.. my mind feels very uncomfortable. my limbs are not working and my hands are lying limp.. he thinks he has the right to move himself.. as if he is apologizing for the procrastination of my limbs. He begins to search for an object which he should pick. He has a plethora of options. Its not like we live in a peaceful nation- there are Maoists there are terrorists and if both are not worth it, the politicians always come up with something.

So he begins, he begins to think and contemplates. His metabolism has arrived. He feels all powerful he feels the rush of the blood, he feels more important than the hands and feet who are incapable of such stimulations.
He is very unhappy that the iitians left the country and brain drain became prevalent. He feels as if the government are not doing their job and that his vote has been wasted (p.s. he has totally forgotten he was the one who made me decide not to vote at all). He is very upset with the common man who is not just not aware as he is. He vents out his anguish on the dumb reality shows and the commercial successes of these fake celebrities. He hates this too cool for their asses generation. He feels they are like the hands and feet- only survive don’t live like he does.
he idolises Shobha De because shes totally like him. He feels he is way too cool than those minds who slumber all day and forget to think. Forget to become an intellectual.
He has a very clear idea as to what is right and what is wrong. He knows he needs to react. Needs to be more aware and more proactive. He knows he cannot let somebody else decide the fate of his life, his family, his country his world. And then he screams.. “aahhhhhh”
He has just used his vision section and seen some termites colony in the house. The hands and feet want to finish them but he dissuades them, tells them this is not our job. They should not kill little beings when they have him the – armchair intellectual. And sitting in his chair he calls the pest control and asks them to clean up.
They arrive he pays them after the work is done, he sits in his chair and thinks. He feels sorry for the state of affairs in the country how even pest control comes 5 minutes late.. and what if one of these termites had bitten him then. then who would answer him the department of pest control or the government. He vows he’ll never contact them again, take care of the pests himself. He turns his head and sees a new colony of termites. Screams and calls the pest control.
I feel its high time we armchair intellectual leave the armchair and move our butt to do some real work. the reason why I deliberately used a male pronoun to describe the intellectual mind because only a male’s ego could be as big as that of an armchair intellectual’s mind.
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