Its been a long long time…that I blogged or rather wrote anything….barring emails and excel sheets…well what has changed in these past two years (yes its been two whole years that I blogged)? I have got married have a full fledged job unlike the previous out of college sort of job…and have become a different person all together.
Lifes changed for better or for worse too soon to say- but has changed…
Two years agao…it was UPA for India and India for UPA wheras Obama for the world and world for Obama….and now well its India against UPA and if these CAG reports are true its UPA against India. And if Romenys popularity is anything to go may screw itself but USA is sure against Obama.

This all may sound like politics to you but to me its more like human nature….if one billion people take exactly two years to change their loyalty one statistically speaking…any single human being shouldn’t take more than .06 secs to change his/hers.

My life is now different to everything I was two years back….I was more of a rebel a fighter a dreamer and weirdness of its own kind… out of all that the last one still survives but of a different kind I believe….

Well so much for now…..husband returns from his movie and time to switch off the blog….time and again I feel pieces of me falling away from the life…but its when certain pieces return on their own…that time doesnt seem to have gone by….one of those pieces is this blog…signing off 🙂

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