What is Deefak….hes exactly what his name sounds phonetically..Dee
FUCK…he is what most of us are..the fucked ones and I dont mean it
literally I mean it abusively.

Our everyday problems have
made us the butt of our own jokes, we dont need any other person to tell
us that we are -“the fucked” ones. We know it. So when I write in this
blog I represent Deefak- the fucked ones and you’ll soon see how you are
your own life’s Deefak.
Picture this poor Deefak has five papers to give every semester- a back paper additional and he

no intention of becoming what his degree expects him to. Hes an
engineer who wants no future in his field he wants to pursue an MBA and
has no idea how will he do so. He continues to study for his papers- not
understanding a crap on that printed sheet. But study he has to…to
make sure he passes he needs to cram..and cram he has to 5 units so hes
left with only one choice- he smokes and he smokes like a chimney. He
thinks hes a little more cool if he smokes..he thinks his life is a
little better if he smokes…he listens to pink floyd and guns n
roses…and thinks his life is a little more cool..until the next day
comes- when he has an exam…no amount of smokes and no amount of noise
(read music) can make him feel cool.
He enters his
friend’s car..all set to go to the paper…knows whats coming next so he
instantly answers without any provocation..”saala kuch nhi padha saala
wahi zindagi aur wahi passing 30 marks ki ladai”..everybody laugh, they
had to- he has perfected the art of speaking the harshest truth of his
life as if he didnt care.
He gives the paper..oblivious
to what hes writing in that paper…after 3 hours of confused answers
and white lies…he fools himself in to believing he did just fine- he
has in fact perfected the art of fooling himself..how do you think he
still laughs?
Tired he comes back..elated he triumphed a
paper…smokes and sleeps..gets up into the next paper’s reality..it is
these moments -when he gets up and decides he has to begin the cycle
all over again…study cram smoke noise fear humor lies….that he knows
and knows it very well he is DEE FUCK……..
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