52 Mall Avenue street.

House no 21 & 22.

Rahul and Parv respectively.

They were best of friends.

For years they studied in the same school Maharishi Vidya Mandir.

Rahul always stood first and Parv stood first from the bottom. Always.

Each time results would be out, House no 21 & 22 would burst into a great deal of commotion. Celebration and Irritation respectively.

For years Rahul felt bad for Parv. He would pray day and night for Parv’s marks.

Parv himself prayed day and night for his marks.

But alas, God being God didnt pay much attention.

Rahul went on to top his city in boards and Parv went on to fill up supplementaries.

Everytime Rahul’s celebration was marred by his best friends plight.

But what could they do.

Then one day they both sat for IIT entrance exams.

Exactly one month later results were out.

Rahul didnt get through, Parv did.

Parv went on to complete his engineering.

Later sat for IAS examination. Cleared them.

Today Rahul is a peon in the office of Parv who is now a district majestrate.

You must be wondering what really happened….ohhhhh I forgot to tell you something Parv belonged to the SC/ST quota in India….so now read the story again in the light of this knowledge.

For those of you who didnt get it…..its my best attempt to scorn reservations :/ :/

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